Saturday, 25 April 2015
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  • C/C++ (14+ years), Java/J2EE/Javascript, C#, PHP, Perl/Python/Lua, ActionScript, x86 Assembly/VB/COBOL


  • PC/PS3/360/Wii , Online Services(Web, Steam, Gamespy, GFWL, PSN, Xbox Live, ONESite, LiveGamer), Database Design/Scalability, DirectX/HLSL, OpenGL, Havok Physics / Behavior, UE3/Unreal Script, Gamebryo, Lithtech, Renderware, TGE/TSE/Torque Script, Kynapse, Audiokinetic Wwise, Scaleform/GFx, Bink, Maya API/Mel Script, Win32/MFC, ODBC/JDBC, SQL, JSON/XML, InstallShield/InstallScript, Linux (RHEL, CentOS)


  • Advanced Perforce/SVN/Git, GCM HUD/Replay/SN Tuner, PIX XbPerfview, NVidia PerfHUD, VTune,  Bugzilla/Jira/DevTrack, Apache/Tomcat/IIS, JMeter, Visual Studio/Eclipse, CodeWarrior/Radix, Hudson/Jenkins/Cruise Control, Code Collaborator, Flash, JAM/Maven/Ant/Make, Cygwin, PuTTY, Visio, Visual Paradigm, Rational Rose, MS Project, Excel


  • Mathematics: Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Advanced Calculus, Advanced 3D Math
  • Physics: Collision detection/response, force, torque, friction and momentum, particle systems
  • Artificial Intelligence: Traversal algorithms (A* Optimized, Dijkstra, Breadth-first, Depth-first), finite state machines, GOAP (Jeff Orkin), decision trees, fuzzy logic
  • Animation Systems: Vertex Morphed, Hierarchal, Skinned
  • Web Services: ReST, load balancing, caching, MySQL Cluster, monitoring / automated scaling , SSL, OAuth, Common J2EE Web Service Frameworks (Spring, Jersey, JAXB, …)
  • Other: MMO, advanced OOP, advanced debugging, bit-wise operations, engine design, BSP, BVH, PVS, memory managers, optimizations, compression, network programming, multithreaded development, algorithm design, security, agile development, project management, team management



TimeGate Studios, Sugar Land, TX (                                              June 2009 – Present

Lead Online Services Engineer


  • Took lead position as pioneer on an ambitious, new online product suite from the ground up which includes public-facing web services that support hundreds of thousands of concurrent players
  • Wrote job listings for new role requirements in the company and designed external and onsite testing procedures for the position
  • Administered tech screens, interviews, and graded tests assigning candidate grade and decided next course of action in hiring decision process
  • Directly managed team of three programmers and indirectly managed parts of development performed by several other programmers
  • Researched many technologies, vendors, and middleware making decisions on what satisfies quality standards and deliverable timeline while staying within budgeting constraints
  • Defined product framework, coding guidelines, and easy-to-follow new hire “getting started” steps
  • Managed backlog, critical paths, and milestone planning for the product working directly with the publisher on many fronts
  • Performed feature planning and wrote complex technical designs for features, as well as, for our broad new infrastructure including web services, backend databases, various tools, automation, monitoring
  • Researched popular cloud application hosting options, made vendor choice decision, and integrated our web application stack and database backend into the hosting framework which included building scripts to support automated scalability
  • Wrote significant portions of code for our product suite and was primary coder on many milestone deliverable features in Java
  • Designed and implemented UE3 integration for new online services in C++ and UnrealScript
  • Served as system admin and database admin for many servers including MySQL master/slave and Apache Tomcat web services
  • Defined deployment and maintenance strategies, including support for both patch and patch-less updating of our product in the live environment while minimizing disruption for our active player base
  • Designed and maintained load testing plans using JMeter to simulate thousands of users with expected API usage patterns and collect performance metrics used to fine-tune performance and meet our total concurrent user targets


Senior Software Engineer

Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • Designed plan and integrated our UI framework into a new UE3-based code base provided by a 3rd party
  • Quickly got HUD and UI elements working for other programmers, designers, and artists to take over and polish to completion
  • Designed UI splitscreen support and integration with other UE3 systems
  • Lobby Screen: setup and implemented support for complex matchmaking lobby screen
  • Loadouts Screen: championed premier in-game screen by working closely with Art Directory to ensure player experience was optimal when customizing characters, weapons, and accessories

o    Eliminated need for render target in Loadouts screen which was used to render full-screen, full-resolution Marines/Xenos with full animation support which gave us a solution that saved over 5MB video memory allowing us to ship a high quality feature that fit within our budgets without watering the feature down

o    Implemented support for map-specfic environment, lighting, camera and focus object placement so that our designers had the ability to theme the screen based on whatever map the player was on

o    Designed/Implemented data-driven system for creating custom weapon customization animations, lighting, and attachments within the Loadouts weapon customization screen

  • Online:

o    Added support for Steamworks platform to engine, including utilizing all online features Steam offers

o    Implemented PSN online support for PS3 which included utilizing matchmaking and title storage services


Section 8: Prejudice

  • Designed, setup, and implemented a new core framework to be used by all of our in-game UI controls
  • Designed new UI pipeline and supporting technology to empower artists to do more on their own which resulted in higher quality UI in and subsequently freed up a lot of programming time for other agendas
  • Implemented supporting systems to enable us to port nearly all of our pre-existing S8 UE3-based UI components into the new Scaleform-based UI system and was primarily responsible doing all of the associated port work
  • Designed and implemented HUD framework including an installable, data-driven system for various component visibility rules that can be reused across all UI components
  • Managed and implemented all new HUD features which tied directly into complex gameplay components and other UE3 systems such as Audio engine, Overlay FX, and game state systems
  • Mentored several new hires, both artists and programmers and helped bring them up-to-speed on our rapidly evolving UI technology and pipelines
  • Optimized the HUD systems to reach our performance budgets
  • Implemented various UI-related memory optimizations
  • Assisted in implementation of new game modes and provided ongoing support
  • Designed, implemented, and managed a new trial game mode to work on both PS3 and 360 platforms which gave players access to the full game for a limited amount of time and included various exploit protection mechanisms



  • Scaleform:

   Researched technology, summarizing pros/cons of choosing to license this technology for our UE3 products

   Integrated technology into a separate branch and setup proof of concept screen example with technical documentation and development environment details

   Prepared pitch and presented to studio head giving my decision and supporting reasons which was then approved in the budget

  • Code review software:

   Researched, reviewed and contrasted pros/cons for three popular code review software suites

   Setup staging environment as proof of concept

   Prepared pitch and presented which option was best which the company then agreed and decided to license

   Lead the integration of the technology into our live developer environment while disrupting developers as minimally as possible

   Managed and maintained software maintenance and triaged issues, working closely with the product support team in order to track status and reach satisfactory resolution

  • Assisted with various build system additions and improvements


Section 8

  • Quickly ramped up on the technology and was a big contributor in bringing the project to shipping quality on PC and 360 on schedule
  • Rewrote a buggy and poor-performing AI A* path-planning system in order to satisfy design and art demands while minimizing risk and meeting tight deadlines
  • Championed the Xbox Demo which included branch setup, implementing supporting features, and maintaining ongoing integrations
  • Split off into a side team in order to bring S8 to an additional platform (PS3) in just a few short months
  • Pitched a new feature idea for Sixaxis dropping support utilizing tilt sensor which was approved and was the primary coder behind the implementation
  • Designed and managed a trial version of the game for PS3 distributed through the PSN store with full-game unlocking capability


Junction Point/Disney Interactive Studios, Austin, TX ( June 2008 – June 2009


Epic Mickey

  • Designed, proposed, and was primary coder in the implementation of a new robust AI system based on Jeff Orkin's GOAP design which streamlined AI development and dramatically cleaned up interactions between the AI system and other engine/game systems resulting in more modular/reusable code
  • Designed and implemented several new game systems: weapon system (both player and AI use), sensor data, inventory system, particle system controller
  • Setup, maintained, and managed large branch integrations to facilitate easy merges into live branch without causing instability
  • Worked closely with design and art on new gameplay features: player abilities, characters, AI, particle FX, and animation
  • Designed and implemented a new build system from the ground up which supported continuous integration and was primarily built utilizing Hudson (open source) and implementing a data-driven, flexible backend primarily written in Perl
  • Enhanced and implemented new usability features for various game tools used by other departments
  • Participated in the design and planning of other systems: in-game cinematics, effects, animation keyframes


TimeGate Studios, Sugar Land, TX (                                              Feb 2006 – June 2008

Lead Console Engineer

Unannounced Title

  • Provided a large amount of hands-on coding for the project which was primarily done using C++
  • Created and maintained technical design document for the project
  • Identified and mitigated risks early to avoid unexpected time sinks as much as possible
  • Created and maintained backlog for programming department and identified cross-department dependencies
  • Maintained relationship with 3rd party engine developer for code drops, support, and long-term planning of the project
  • Planned, managed, and integrated engine drops from multiple code bases
  • Planned and scheduled tasks for the entire programming team to enable the team to meet tight short-term deadlines while still making progress on the critical paths to our long-term goals
  • Responsible for assisting with other department planning and overall project planning to meet very strict deadlines and keep publisher happy
  • Planned and coordinated production environment changes to better meet project needs


F.E.A.R. Files and F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

  • Planned, setup, and maintained production environment to support developing for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 simultaneously which was used successfully in order to ship the studio’s first ever console title
  • Maintained complex integrations between diverse code bases due to unusual relationship with technology developed externally
  • Managed and integrated engine drops from multiple 3rd party resources
  • Designed and implemented nearly all new gameplay systems and features for the products
  • Managed and prioritized issues for the programming team to efficiently make deadlines
  • Consistently identified time sinks, re-factored iteration objectives, and helped keep programming team on track during the course of development
  • Designed multi-platform build management system extensions to support engine toolset for producing working builds of different types and intelligent error/warning reporting
  • Mentored and trained new programming staff


Software Engineer

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

  • Wore many hats as the sole programmer on a team size of 20 for the majority of the product’s life-cycle
  • Implemented new weapons, characters, and other gameplay features which included a laser carbine weapon that could draw on walls by programmatically constructing a decal mesh based on player input and various state information while still supporting the art department’s gradual fading material applied to the dynamically generated mesh
  • Created and maintained technical, usage, and design documents for various aspects of development
  • Improved Lithtech toolset by fixing bugs and adding new functionality
  • Extended and maintained TimeGate’s internal development tool suite, which includes: Bugzilla modifications, build management system design and maintenance, and advanced scripts that interface with Perforce
  • Designed the localization pipeline and managed content for ten locales which involved designing importation process of translated materials, process automation tools, and ensuring release candidate builds were fully localized and ready on time
  • Implemented and maintained the game’s InstallShield installers for all locales
  • Designed and implemented system for evaluating level performance and identifying “hotspots” in the levels which was later expanded on and partially automated
  • Worked directly with art and design departments plan and execute required level optimizations
  • Learned new languages, technologies, and concepts quickly while still utilizing these newly acquired skills to meet tight deliverable deadlines
  • Earned PC Gamer's “Expansion of the Year” Award which featured the laser carbine weapon on the magazine cover that I designed and implemented all support for


Archimage, Houston, TX (                                                   Dec 2005 – Feb 2006


Escape from Diab

  • Helped produce educational title to promote diabetes awareness in youth
  • Programmed several new game features such as Food Tower navigation and Vending Machine UX
  • Assisted with timed mini-game implementation
  • Participated in telephone conferences with Baylor University to spec our technical medical details and apply them to our game



Microsoft Gamefest, Seattle, WA                                                                                                                                   2011              

PS3 Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA                                                                                                      2007              



Full Sail Real World Education, Winter Park, FL                                                         Graduated December 2005

Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design and Development

  • 99.45% Attendance – 3.50 G.P.A.
  • Courses in Computer Science
  • Full Sail Course Director’s Awards:

o    Artificial Intelligence

o    Game Network Programming

o    General Design Fundamentals

o    Full Sail Course Director’s Awards:

  • Project Manager for final degree project, from-scratch Windows

DirectX product, 5 month development cycle, team size: 6 engineers and

additional content developers. Download project at

Courses in Computer Science

University of Houston                                                                                                                                         2003 – 2004

Mississippi State University                                                                                                                             2001 – 2003

  • Award: 3rd Place – Math and Science State Programming Competition (2000)

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